Gem Talks
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Pamela Hastry specializes in the design and manufacture of unique high end jewelry. Her preference goes to rare and precious gemstones such as Black Opal, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond. 


During the Gem Talks she explores with you the most important steps in the acquisition of gemstones and she shines extra light on the different peculiarities of the rare materials as well as their stories, myths and legends. You'll discover from the first row the possibilities of your favourite gemstones and how Pamela translates your personality into a unique piece of jewelry.


Gem Talks are a delightful way to learn, to share a moment with loved ones, or to network with other aficionados. 



Alexander the Great returned West, opening the first trade routes  for diamonds and with it the first myths and legends.


Saphires and Rubies run parralel stories throughout history, yet science unite them as one. 



Opals defy the science of gemmology and raise it to a nobel art, as it once used to be.

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September 17th & 18th

Patrimony & Gemmology