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Diamond Rings
- Create Your Unique Design

- A retro romance

The preciousness of Belle is in it's wondrous sparkling effect. Fully set with gemstones, its delicate brilliance is a mesmerising delight.


Belle can be tailored to your heart's desire. The band can full or half set on three sides. Choose the 18k gold color you prefer between white, pink or yellow. Select the engagement stone of your dreams and sublime it with the flanking gemstones of your choice between diamonds, coloured diamonds, color sapphires or rubies. Our sales team is available to show you all the possibilities. 

Price from 5,750€ ttc without the center stone.

Wedding band 4,150€ ttc.

Belle White Diamond Engagement Ring
Belle Champagne Diamond Engagement Ring
Belle Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring
Belle Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring

- A Modern Classic

The royal classic of a beautiful oval sapphire, surrounded by a halo prong setting with a more playful wedding band. The solitaire fits into a playful wedding band, combining modern aesthetics and a timeless classic in a playful manner. 

Tailored to your personality, customise the ring's gold color, center stone and the surrounding stones. Go for a total color look or for contrasting extravagance. Our sales team is available to show you all the possibilities. 

Price from 5,350€ ttc without the center stone.

Sherazade White Diamond Engagement Ring
Sherazade Blue Sapphire Engagement Ring
Sherazade Emerald Engagement Ring
Sherazade Ruby Engagement Ring

You Complete Me
- When two become one

The engagement ring and wedding band are complementary and only reveal the emerald shape when both are assembled.

Only on your wedding day will the two become one and form a whole.

Inspired by the duality of human nature, symbolised in the yin and yang, the ring lives and moves to reflect relationships. At times personalities may seem conflicting, but may also create with a bit of acceptance, a strong bond and form completeness. The ring reflects this tangible duality as the emerald may move apart at times or sit firmly together when worn, but unless removed, can never be separated... 

Available in yellow, pink and white 18K gold. Design only available with diamonds. Personalised engravings are possible.

- A Universal Elegance

The classic wedding band revisited with sophisticated elegance. Inspired by the 17th century Astronomical tools, the ring deploys to reveal several rings. The central band has a latin inscription:

"Lucem Vitae

A Caelo usque ad centrum

Os meum es Universe"

"Light of my life,

From Heaven to the Center,

You are my Universe"


The armillary sphere is an ancient instrument used in astronomy to model the celestial sphere. It was used to show the apparent motion of the Stars, the Sun and the ecliptic around the Earth. It is a model in which the Earth is considered the centre of the universe.  The sphere can be transformed into a wedding ring, which puts the beloved in the centre of their own universe.

Available in yellow, pink and white 18K gold.  There is the possibility of engraving in the rings the most significant things of the union.

Price 2,950€

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