One-of-a-kind designs...

Morphée's custom-made creations tell a story, your story. After meeting the designer of Morphée, she writes down your thoughts, your desires and your dreams on paper and materializes them into a highly symbolic jewel. Morphée's motto: "Transform dreams into reality". The desire to capture your feelings and immortalize them with what is most precious to nature; gold and gems.

Morphée jewelry includes certified central stones, the design is specially designed for this stone and for you... which makes each jewelry piece unique.

Each piece is certified and engraved.

Meet the Designer...

A name that reflects its vocation: to crystallize the dreams of man through the use of gold and precious stones. Embodied in the mythological character of Morpheus, Pamela Hastry celebrates an ancient art that has always been the privileged witness of our lives.

Once a theme, value and a clear understanding of the wearer's desires are established, the artist can work within reason and unleash the talents and passion she possesses. Within a given theme and reasonable parameters on the materials, it is possible to design jewelry with confidence, to reflect the desired mood or emotion and to begin the crystallization of dreams in reality ...



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