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Princess Cut Diamond
A Gem Talk conference on Diamonds
in Morphée's World

Your host Pamela Hastry - gemologist and designer of Morphée Joaillerie, welcomed honoured guests and members of the Club des Etoiles on the evening of the 26th of November at her boutique - Place du Grand Sablon. 

The evening started with a tasting of the Boërl & Kroff Champagne  B - vintage 2012, disgorged in March 2019. The juice comes exclusively from the first press. The base grape has flowed naturally thanks to gravity, with no pumping. They specially value this technique for the elaboration of their Champagnes. It allows to use very low quantities of sulfites (three times under standard vinification). This very «natural» vinification and the rare quality oak casks they use for part of the wines gives to our pinots a very beautiful copper-coloured aspect, close to last century's tradition.

The Champagne was served "on the Rocks".


However when Pamela says Rocks… what she means are diamond rocks! Each Champagne glass contained a diamond, but only one was real! Together, they discovered who was the lucky winner who kept the real diamond! Following this, Pamela counted tales and legends behind the history of diamonds.

This conference was be held in French, also available in English.

Limited to 20 participants. Only on reservation.

The moment was immortalised by Lucia Gaggero Photo Studios.

Organise Your Champagne On The Rocks

Whether a corporate or club event, a lovers night out, a bachelorette party, or a wedding demand with witnesses - we are happy to create the perfect moment for any precious occasion.  Contact Pamela for a price quote which will vary depending on the number of participants (maximum 20), the choice of champagne and/or delicatessen. Also choose from the three different Gem Talks; Diamond, Corundum or Opal. 

Prices starting 100€ per personne.

Blinding Diamonds

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