Morphée's Workshop

Dreams becoming reality...

Step 1.


Every piece of jewellery from Morphée Joaillerie is hand drawn and then made by hand.

Step 2.

3-D modeling

Morphée’s workshop will create a hard model of your imagined piece in wax to create a replica that you can actually wear to see how the finished piece will look and feel.


Morphée’s workshop is located in the heart of Paris, a few doors down from the notorious Place Vendôme. Here, behind closed doors, magic operates.


From the first sketches, to the final gouaché an idea begins to take form – it will finally be brought to life in the workshop where each jewel is hand-made. The collections are limited editions and bespoke orders are one-of-a-kind; reflecting the craftsmanship and expertise of an illustrious trade, making the most of the atelier’s “savoir-faire”.


Step 3.

Cast and Mold

Once you’re satisfied with the model, it’s time to cast and mold. An investment (a material similar to plaster but more heat resistant) is poured on top of the wax model and allowed to harden. Heat is then used to melt and remove the wax, leaving a hollow impression for casting. 18k gold is then melted inside the cast and allowed to cool before breaking it open, leaving only a pure gold jewel.

Step 4.

Final Touches

Your jewel will then be smoothed and polished, precious stones carefully mounted and the band engraved before it’s final multi-step cleaning and polishing that will make it sparkle.

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