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Option 1.

The Central Stone

Diamond engagement ring or fancy cocktail ring – Morphée will find the right centre stone for you and create a design around it.

Step 2.


Once Morphée has found the perfect stone for you, we can begin to design the jewel for it. Find out how


As a certified gemmologist, Pamela Hastry devotes an absolute passion for gemstones, fascinated by the aura and poetry that emanates from each of them.


Throughout the years, her travels have enabled her to discover and resource the best gemstones. Surrounded by a team of experts located in key cities around the world (Paris, Antwerp, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Sri Lanka, and Hong Kong), finding your dream gem can quickly become a reality.


Option 2.

Family Heirloom

As a loose gem or set in a gold jewel mount that is no longer to your liking, Morphée is pleased to offer you a bespoke service that will give a second life to your family heirloom.

Step 2.

Family Heirloom

Own a gem for which you would like a certificate or an expertise? Morphée can obtain it for you.


Did you know that diamonds were not just white? They can also be blue, pink, purple or red. Did you know that sapphires existed in every colour of the rainbow? Discover the world of gemstones through Morphée’s catalogue


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