Creating Custom Made Jewellery

Dreams becoming reality...

Step 1.

Meet The Designer

Talk about everything you wish for – what would your dream jewel look like?

Step 2.

Discover The Drawing Proposals

Find your dream jewel in drawing and fine tune it so it feels “perfect”.

Step 3.

Select Your Gemstones

Perhaps your dream design involves a centre stone you already have, otherwise we will surely show you several to choose from




Gold and precious stones are eponymous of “eternal”, and all one needs to transform a precious moment into an eternal moment is an encounter with Morphée’s designer, Pamela Hastry. Designing custom made pieces is at the heart of this designer’s passion.


When meeting someone for the first time, Ms Hastry enjoys sharing a cup of tea, discussing everything and nothing, finding out more about what the future owner of a Morphée piece aspires to – is it a gift? Is it for them? What are their passions, their interests? Sometimes, people know exactly what they wish for, others can only express a sentiment that they wish to materialise.


As the day comes to an end, she regains her studio and transcends reality, the anecdotes, the memories that were shared; transposing them onto paper as a jewelled piece.


The next appointment is often filled with excitement and curiosity – was THE piece of jewellery amongst the selected drawings? If it is, did it need fine tuning? A design has to truly convey the desires and dreams of the person that is going to wear the piece. When it does, we are only a few steps away from transforming your dreams into reality…

Step 4.

Price Quote

Though each jewel can be conceived initially within a determined price range, a final quote will always be given to you before launching into production.

Step 5.

The Workshop

Morphée’s workshop will work it’s magic and transform a drawing into a precious jewel.

Discover the workshop’s manufacturing process

Step 6.


Your jewel will then be photographed and you will be given a certificate of authenticity as well as a lab certificate for the main gemstone.


Rana’s ring is a statement piece designed to empower her as she makes her way to the stage to sing. Find out more about their story


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