Customising Existing Collection Pieces

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Step 1.

Ring Size

Make sure you get your dream jewel with your perfect ring size.

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Step 2.

Gold Colour

What colour gold best describes you? Pink, yellow, white or black?

Because Morphée believes that each piece should be unique and especially conceived for a specific person, customising existing designs from the collections is a big part of the concept. Getting the right “feel” from your jewellery creates a deeper bond with the piece, it is important to own something that truly represents you, but also that you feel comfortable to wear every day.


Customising a piece of jewellery can be very basic, for example, getting the right ring size.


It can also involve changing the colours of a piece you saw on the website like Sabrina did with her “Make A Wish” ring. The colour of gold (pink, yellow, white, black) but also the gemstones (name the colour and we will suggest the best matching gemstone type) can be altered to better fit your personality.


Then, there are those that have a gemstone at home that they would like to incorporate into an existing ring design. For example, we were asked to customise the frog ring “Reinette” to hold an emerald. The designer, Pamela, made a few sketch drawings to show what it would like before launching into production, until the customer was happy before confirming the order.


Feel free to enquire on the possibilities involved in customising your ideal jewel by filling out the form down below. Pamela is always glad to give her expert opinion in the matter.


* Please note that depending on the customisation asked for (replacing sapphires by diamonds for example) the design may be subject to a different price quote. Prices are always submitted for approval before launching into production. 

Step 3.

Gemstone Colours

From hot pink to cool blue, Morphée will adapt the right colour to the right design for you.

Step 4.

The Next Step

Maybe what you really need is a true custom piece? Discover Morphée’s bespoke service.

Sabrina fell in love with the in-between finger ring from the “Make A Wish” collection, but white gold simply wasn’t her colour… Find out how she customised her ring

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