Custom Made Designs

As time goes by, we begin to understand that it is important to make time, a true luxury in an epoch where we live at a hundred-miles an hour. The world’s glorious capitals resemble urban jungles in which we incessantly rush around.

To express their thoughts or feelings, men have a tendency to go to a notorious jeweler to unearth a true gem, but often that others also possess. However, the one loved and cherished is different – unique.

More than an accessory, Morphée’s creations tell a story, your story, one that binds you to the person that you will gift of a custom made piece. Highly symbolic, this jewel will capture your feelings to immortalize them with what natures only offers us sparingly; gold and gemstones.

Reminiscent of a memory, a piece of jewellery from Morphée makes you forget this notion of time so present in our everyday lives and provides us with a “breath of fresh air”. A form of escapism into our fondest thoughts and memories as it sketches a smile on the face of our beloved at each sight of this jeweled piece.

Known as the God of dreams in Greek mythology, Morphée transforms shapes and materialises precious moments and dreams into an everlasting jewel.


Wish a collection piece was in a different colour? Find out how you can do this

Custom Designs

Morphée has a bespoke service. If you would like your very own one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery, find out how


Do you have a a gemstone that needs mounting? Or are you looking for a special gem? Find out more


Each piece is hand-made with the traditional French “savoir-faire”. Discover how the jewellery is made



 ” Custom made jewellery creates a deeper connection with it’s future owner and the piece created… a greater sense of respect, passion and love…


Pamela Hastry

Pamela Hastry

Owner & Designer of Morphée Joaillerie

“… Here dreams really become reality…”


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