Tiny Hugger

For a fairytale day, everyday…

From leaf to leaf, the drops drip, to finally land to the ground – moist from the rain ; a little girl peacefully observes the garden from the glass veranda.

After hearing a croak, she discovers two frogs sheltered under the large and flat hat of a mushroom. Amused, the girl quietly watches the show.

As the rain fades, she grabs her yellow raincoat and sneaks out into the garden. Slowly, she nears the frogs and with a swift and delicate hand, catches one of them. The frog, frightened, looks at the face of the little girl with it’s small black eyes. Gradually, the child opens her hand and surprises the frog entwining her finger, almost hugging it. As a sign of appeasement, the heart of the animal slows. The girl, after feeling the pulse, slowly rests the frog back to the ground, who flees immediately. Perplex and alone, she returns home amidst the last rain drops and collects her things to draw the small frog.

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