The Flight

The swallow as a ring, announcing an eternal spring…

In the City of Lights, a young girl often daydreamed about the birds she could admire in her city garden. Paris, however, rarely offered her much variety.

So she drew in her notebook whatever specie her imagination gave way to, each time she daydreamed. One day, her father brought home a beautiful cage in which a little blue bird whistled. A smile won her young round face.

When the age of reason finally came, the young girl, now a young lady, took flight. After a long jazzy tour, she returned to see her father, like a swallow, returning every spring.

To mark his love and her childhood memories, so rich in poetry, her father gifted her with a swallow; its plumage in rich shades of blue sapphires and diamonds, flying over gold tree branches – a symbol of freedom, her passion for birds and her flight towards a promising life.

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