Secrets whispered to one’s ear…

Hidden under a table, in the heart of a vineyard, a little girl listens to her mother and grand- mother talk. As they were sharing their thoughts on the future grapes that could be combined, the women surprise two little hands grabbing hold of a glass of wine.

They look, smiling, whilst remembering that they too had made the same mistake at that age.

They left the young maiden test her palette.

A small “yuck” sound was expressed and the two women chuckled. Not that the wine was bad, but her young palette could hardly appreciate the explosion of flavors. The young girl only realized much later the passion that was devoted to the family vineyard.

Years later, they came to celebrate the young girl’s inheritance of the vineyard and to commem- orate the moment, the mother conceived with Morphée a jewel of a stylized grape vine, made of yellow gold, emeralds and grey pearls.

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